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The aim of the European University of Lefke’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ Department of History is to raise contemporary historians who have a good understanding of foreign languages, who are computer literate, who have a good grasp of methodological approaches as well as world, European, Turkish, Middle Eastern and Cypriot history. The department also aims to create competent historians capable of conducting extensive historical research, analyzing historical documents, languages and archives, with ideals to excel themselves in the field. No doubt the department also thrives to train history teachers and educators who have ideals, bringing up intellectual individuals who are familiar with the obstacles of the age and who can formulate solutions to any problems faced in the field.

The History Department’s curriculum and degree programmes have been harmonized with the European Union’s Erasmus Programme since 2006.

The department’s curriculum consists mainly of Turkish History, European History, the History of the Turkish Republic and the Ottoman Paleography. In addition to this the department offers students a wide range of basic and elective courses such as the History of Cyprus, Historical Methodology, Middle Eastern History, Ottoman Era Cyprus Archives, The History of Print and Press, the History of Mediterranean Civilizations, International Politics and Cyprus as well as Turkish Education History. 

The medium of instruction is in Turkish but the degree programmes are supplemented with foreign language classes. As a result, our students who receive a Turkish education also find the opportunity to develop their foreign languages, enabling them to graduate with a second or third language. Therefore students who wish to continue with graduate studies will acquire an important advantage during their admission processes.

Students enrolled will be able to benefit, on more than one occasion, from the free field trips organized by the department, to witness and experience Cyprus’s natural and historical wealth or beauties. Moreover, the Department’s History and Culture Club established by the students organizes a series of successful activities and events. Students enrolled at the department may become members or administrators in the club, playing an active role in its administration.

Our department organizes an “International EUL History Congress” every three years. The first of these congresses was held in April 2011. All proceedings and papers delivered at the congress by, distinguished local and international experts in the field who are invited to attend, are compiled into a book.

Students in the department similarly can journey through the details and pages of history accompanied by their theoretical and practical studies, earning a better understanding of historical events and current events. This will enable them to stronger strides into the future.

The history department which has a mission of preparing our students for the future by furnishing them with contemporary knowledge and means also thrives to guide its graduates to bigger and greater goals in life.

Once they graduate, our students can pursue an academic career in any of the various History Graduate Degree Programmes offered by Social Science Institutions around the world. Graduates may also find jobs as history teachers at public and private schools operating under the Turkish and TRNC National Education Ministries, or as public servants at the Turkish Republic’s Prime Ministry Archives, the TRNC National Archives and Research Department.

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