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PhD in Education Administration & Supervision


PhD program for Education Administration and Supervision aims to train scientists who will conduct scientific studies in the light of the theories and contemporary developments in this area.

Rapid changes in the fields of science and technology are also affecting changes in educational organizations. For this reason, the need for educating scientists to follow the developments and changes in education management and supervision and to innovate is necessary. Educational management and supervision is different from the management of other public and private institutions in terms of the quality of education, its specific aspects and contributions to the upbringing of future generations. In this context, training scientists who are conscious of their unique aspects will also positively affect the younger generations who will play a role in the development of the country.

In order to graduate, the students must pass the courses which have at least 21 credits and the seminar, be successful in the PhD qualification exam and complete a thesis with success.

The medium of the PhD program is Turkish.