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PhD in International Relations


PhD program for International Relations aims to provide students who wants to pursue an academic career in international relations or to deepen a particular field with comprehensive and scientific skills. By this means, it is aimed to develop the research skills of the students and to increase the students’ ability to evaluate the political, social and cultural transformations witnessed in the global system from a theoretical, analytical and critical point of view. The program also aims to increase the scientific contribution skills of the students through the unique PhD thesis┬áwritting. PhD program consists of four period. Course period in which the courses covering different theoretical, thematic and geographical regions are offered, a seminar report which is accepted as a preparation to the PhD thesis, presenting it in front of a jury, and the process of thesis and its presentation. Three periods which follow the course period are conducted under the supervision of an advisor.

It is generally expected from the students who complete the program of International Relations PhD, to continue their academic careers and developments in universities or research centres. Additionally, graduates have the chance of finding employment in international and multicultural institutions, in ministries; particularly in the ministry of foreign affairs, in media organizations and private sector and non-governmental organizations.

PhD program consists of 7 courses, a PhD qualification exam after the completion of the courses, a seminar and a thesis. The medium of the PhD program is English.