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PhD in Political Science & Public Administration


The aim of PhD program for Political Science and Public Administration is to provide specialization in the fields of political science and public administration and unique information. The program develops students’ ability to conduct research and their capabilities of analytical thinking. It also supports the theoretical and empirical contribution to both research fields. PhD program for Political Science and Public Administration provides students and researchers with the opportunity to work in the field of public administration where the structural and functional aspects of state organization are examined as well as in the field of political philosophy which deals with political philosophy, contemporary political theories, state theories and modern Turkish political life.

World politics is in a constant chance in terms of countries and international relations. It is observed that the forms and functions of the state nations is also transforming with the effect of globalized world.  On the other hand, the scope of politics and public administration is expanding with different subjects and research areas which are beyond traditional state understanding and politics theory such as immigrants, environmental problems and terrorism. PhD program for Political Science and Public Administration supports the production of unique ideas and knowledge in these new and differentiated areas by following current developments. PhD program consists of 7 courses, a PhD qualification exam after the completion of the courses, a seminar and a thesis.

The medium of the PhD program is both English and Turkish.