Academicians of EUL Have Been Offered Consulting Service in Italy


Hands-on training about trimming pomegranate tree was offered to the producers and workers in Italy

Academicians of European University of Lefke (EUL) Faculty of Agricultural Sciences & Technologies Department of Horticultural Production & Marketing Assist. Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kahramanoğlu and Assist. Prof. Dr. Serhat Usanmaz conducted analysis and trainings in a pomegranate production field located in Italy after an agreement signed between EUL and the Director of World Environment TV Andrea Tucci. After analyzing the current situation of the pomegranate garden, Kahraman and Uslanmaz prepared an appropriate irrigation, fertilization and maintenance program for the production area based in Italy.

Usanmaz: Irrigation and fertilization are important for improved yield and quality

Giving information about the consulting service, Usanmaz emphasized the importance of Irrigation and fertilization for improved yield and quality and added that any wrong applications could cause irreversible losses and that years of production could be lost. Usanmaz also said that “In this context, considering the current conditions of the trees, climatic conditions, water and soil quality, taking into account all environmental conditions, it was pointed out that plant development and yield increase can be achieved as a result of the program”. On the other hand, Kahramanoğlu pointed out that pomegranate fruits are very sensitive to sunburn, cracking and mechanical damages compared to many other fruits and added that in order to avoid this, first step that should be taken is trimming.

All crop production varies according to variety, soil, water, climate and other environmental conditions

The academicians pointed out that the term that we are in now is the best time to trim pomegranate and thus they have chosen this time to visit. After the current situation analysis, the academicians gave practical training about the trimming of pomegranates to the producers and workers. Emphasizing the importance of professional support in production, the faculty members pointed out that not only the production of pomegranates, but also that all of the crop production varies according to the variety, soil, water, climate and other environmental conditions. They also underlined that the right practice in a region cannot be valid in the other region and that the important thing is to comprehend the e logic in production. The academicians emphasized that the next visit is planned as June 2019 and that they will continue to support the producers online.

Kahramanoğlu: Observations on production were conducted in Italy where we have the same climate

Kahramanoğlu pointed out that with this consulting service they also had the opportunity to make observations on production in Italy where we have the same climate apart from offering an education and Usanmaz underlined that both the EUL and the TRNC were promoted by the cooperation in question.