Applied Engineering Seminar for EUL Students


European University of Lefke (EUL) Department of Electrics and Electronics organized a seminar titled “Microcontroller Applications in Industrial Electronics” which aimed to develop the applying abilities of the students. Dr. Naki Güler, Academician of Gazi University made a guiding presentation to improve students’ applying skills.

Güler: Today, the necessary steps for production are modelling, simulation, prototype and product

Güler emphasized that the developments in the production and industrial sectors can be realized with engineers who have the ability to apply and explained the necessary steps for applied engineering to the students. Pointing out that today, the necessary steps for production are modelling, simulation, prototype and product, Güler said that modelling and simulation capabilities of the students are sufficient. Underlining that previously mentioned two processes are important in terms of proving the idea, Güler said that applicability is the most important step after those two steps. “Based on my experience, the general drawback of engineers and prospective engineers in prototyping, which is the first step of the implementation, is the question of ‘Can I?’ ” he said. Güler further stated that the most important thing in the world is idea and that “Can I” question determines the necessities of the question. In this sense, Güler talked about the selection criteria required to move to the implementation stage and gave examples of existing solutions.

Güler: Feel free to apply your own designed systems

Güler stated that many engineers and engineer candidates were stuck in the intermediate stages such as software development while implementing the model, which they proved in computer environment, and explained how to overcome these stages under the title of “simulation application”. In this context, Güler answered the question on how to provide easy adaptation to the application structure through a simulation platform that has proven its functionality all over the world. Güler finally said that “Of course, the transition to this application is not the only way, but what I want to tell you is to make sure you don’t hesitate to apply your own designed systems and I want to encourage you”.