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About Dormitories

About Dormitories

We believe that staying in a dormitory where all types of technological, cultural and sportive facilities are offered under campus safety, will be the best start for your academic life. This will also shorten your adaptation period to the university. Since your personal needs, like cleaning, nutrition, transportation and security will be solved in the best and fastest way; you will be free to focus on your lessons.

Campus Dormitories:

These dormitories offer students a safe, clean and healthy accommodation environment, allowing to focus on their academic studies. All rooms at the dormitory which is walking distance from the lecture halls are for three students. All dorm rooms have internet access, study tables, a closet, a small refrigerator, phone lines, toilets and showers and a common kitchen on every floor.

Dorms Description

  • 3 persons per room
  • Study tables for each student
  • Dressing closets for each student
  • TV/Mini refrigerators in each room
  • Private Bathroom and WC in each room
  • Only five minutes within walking distance to all classrooms
  • 24 hours security services, cleaning, electricity, laundry and general heating, camera system
  • Has guest room for visiting guests and academics
  • Common kitchen, study hall and recreational rooms on every floor (TV Room)
  • First Aid and Ambulance service
  • Wireless Internet