Insulin Resistance May Be The Reason Of Not Losing Weight


Head of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at European University of Lefke (EUL) Asst. Dr. Nazal Bardak Per├žinci gave information about ÔÇťInsulin ResistanceÔÇŁ to draw attention to the fact that the reason for not losing weight may be due to insulin resistance.

ÔÇťIn recent years, the types of sugar imbalances are not classified as diabetes, but now insulin resistance, insulin sensitivity or sugar sensitivity may appear. For the last few years, I have observed everything from many of my clients and they said that they have completely adapted to everything, but suddenly they had a sweet crisis and they wanted to eat whatever sweet and salty or applied everything completely, they did not feel hungry, but they cannot reduce their abdominal fatÔÇŁ said Per├žinci, and she gave information on the article she conducted on this subject.

Per├žinci, one of the first signs of insulin resistance is sweet cravings

Per├žinci said, ÔÇťIn the light of the scientific studies I have carried out and read, I have to have the hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C), which also expresses the blood glucose averages of the last three months, checked while looking at the blood findings of my clients with this complaint.

The test can also be useful in evaluating impaired fasting glucose tolerance, that is, uncontrolled blood sugar fluctuations in the body and impaired satiety glucose tolerance, it is even useful in the period

Of “prediabetes” when diabetes did not occur.

It’s easy to interpret. Let’s say; there are people in your family who have diabetes. If the values obtained in this test you will have is between 5.7-6.5%, these figures may mean that you are “included in the group with increased risk of diabetes”. She also mentioned that HbA1c test may be an early sign of deterioration in blood sugar balance, especially in those with severe fat accumulation in the umbilical region and with “insulin resistance”, in women who have been diagnosed with “gestational diabetes” in any of their previous pregnancies or have a history of giving birth to a large baby, and diagnosed with “reactive hypoglycaemia”.

Per├žinci stated that metabolism slows down as the abdominal fat increases, She said ÔÇťIf we talk about the concept of insulin resistance, which comes to light with abdominal fat, insulin resistance is actually a part of a metabolic disorder. The main problem is the increase in insulin in the blood, a state of non-response to insulin at the cell level, and as a result, the blood sugar drops initially, then gradually increases, the emergence of diabetes (and of course the increase in the belly circumference). Per├žinci listed the first signs which show the presence of insulin resistance as follows; cravings or cravings for dessert, fondness for floury, sugary, starchy foods, frequent hunger, night food, fast and fast food, sleepiness after meals, weakness, fatigue, sweating, palpitations, irritability, concentration deterioration and forgetfulness, waist up sweating in the part, morning fatigue, headaches, unhappy and unhappy waking up in the morning, sleep apnea and snoring problem, edema-swelling.

Nutritional errors should be corrected first in people with insulin resistance.

ÔÇťAs the diagnosis of insulin resistance becomes definite, the first thing to do afterwards should be to investigate the cause of the problem. Nutritional mistakes should be corrected and it should be understood well what the mistakes are that a person with insulin resistance should not do and what are the right ones to follow. She also drew her attention to say that it is necessary to know

basic sugar in nutrition – knowing fruit sugar – and avoiding bakery and starchy foods, not using refined carbohydrates (bread, white rice, pasta, noodles, couscous, bakery products, chips, popcorn, hamburger breads, openings, pastries and pastries, baklava). Finally, Per├žinci emphasized that the need for a form that is far from trans fat, where vegetable oils are reduced because vegetable oils should be in a form that is not allowed to butter and sweets, candies, jam, fruit juices and of course soft drinks, cola tea and sodas, and the scarcity of insulin use. She emphasized that it should not be forgotten that it is as effective as a less wrong diet.

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