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Our Team

The International Marketing Office gives paramount importance to replying back to all queries in a very short period of time and therefore is designed in a unique way to serve you more effectively.

The office is divided into “Regions” and has professional staff members that will help you according to your geographical area of residency.

We are always ready and able to help with any additional questions you may have.  Contact us via e-mail or by phone.

International Marketing Office

Phone: +90 392 660 2351

E-mail: intoffice@eul.edu.tr


Eurasia Coordinator

Phone: +90 392 660 2347

E-mail: eul.eurasia@eul.edu.tr


Europe and North Africa Coordinator

Phone: +90 392 660 2348

E-mail: eul.europe@eul.edu.tr


Africa Coordinator

Phone: +90 392 660 2344

E-mail: eul.africa@eul.edu.tr


West Africa Coordinator

Phone: +90 392 660 2345

E-mail: eul.westafrica@eul.edu.tr


Nigeria Coordinator

Phone: +90 392 660 2350

E-mail: eul.nigeria@eul.edu.tr


World Coordinator

Phone: +90 392 660 2346

E-mail: eul.world@eul.edu.tr