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Welcome Note

Dear Prospective Student,

Welcome to the International Marketing Office of the European University of Lefke.

The International Marketing Office has been especially designed to help coordinate and run all promotional activities as well as the admission process for prospective International Students.  From the point of application to the point of registration, our professional staff will help you to apply and navigate your way through the whole admission process efficiently and comfortably.

Our aim is to promote the University through various International platforms in a professional manner as well as help guide prospective students overcome the many complexities associated with the application process and ever-changing visa regulations if and when applicable.

Most importantly, we encourage you to feel free to apply to us with any questions you may have regarding the services and/or information contained on this site.

We look forward to your queries and application.  Helping you is what we do BEST…..

Sincerely yours,

The International Marketing Office Team

European University of Lefke