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EUL TV & Radio




EUL TV, the television of EUL which is equipped with the latest technology, is the practise channel of Communication Sciences Faculty. EUL TV, which has a local licence by TRNC Broadcasting Higher Council, can be watched on terrestrial broadcast or online.

EUL TV has an active duty as serving student-centred and training Communication Sciences Faculty students as well as students from other faculties who have an interest in TV and to enable them to spend their free times.

EUL TV carries out television programme making, compering, live broadcasting, staging process on television studio, using camera, video editing,  3D animation, visual effect techniques, sound systems on broadcasting, lighting techniques and photography trainings by its academicians and staff who have many years of experiences in television industry.

Besides being a laboratory for Communication Sciences Faculty Radio Television and Cinema department, EUL TV also creates television programmes for national TV channels. During the production of these programmes, students studying in the relevant departments are assigned various duties to provide them the opportunity to practice in the industry what they had learned in their lessons.




EUL FM, the radio of European University of Lefke which is equipped with broadcasting automatisation sytems is the practice radio of Communication Sciences Faculty as well as broadcasting all its broadcasts to almost all Northern Cyprus on terrestrial broadcast and to the whole world online.

EUL FM offers various programmes to its listeners by giving part to Communication Sciences Faculty students on the broadcasts; such as different music types, poems, chat, art, literature and history as well as contemporary news. The mentioned programmes are prepared and presented by the students. The international students may as well prepare and present programmes in their native languages if they wish.

EUL FM carries out serving to the listeners with a continuous broadcast by 2 studios, high technological equipment and broad staff. Foremost Communication Sciences Faculty Radio TV and Cinema department students and every other student in EUL has the opportunity to make a programme on EUL FM studios and practice the theoretical knowledge they have.