Yükselen: If TRNC has become a universities country , it is with the great contributions and support of motherland Turkey


A delegation representing the tradesmen of Lefke and its region paid a visit to European University of Lefke Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Yükselen. Hasan Kutrafalı, who made a statement on behalf of the delegation that made the visit, stated that they came together to convey the economic problems of Lefke and the region’s tradesmen due to the global epidemic we are in and to receive the opinions of the university administration in this context. Kutrafalı stated that all the tradesmen in the region are in serious economic difficulties and emphasized that Lefke region is one of the most economically affected regions during the pandemic process, and that they do not have much expectations for this year, they are only trying to survive as tradesmen. Kutrafalı stated that the businesses in the region had difficulty even in finding workers due to the crisis and that they wanted to make an evaluation with the university administration in order to overcome this crisis in cooperation.

Yükselen: Within the scope of the establishment mission of EUL, there is the development of Lefke and its region.

Rector of the European University of Lefke Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Yükselen stated in his statement at the meeting that the establishment mission of EUL is to develop Lefke and its region, and that the university has undertaken a very important task for the region both economically and socially. Stating that they, as the university administration, always act within this framework, Yükselen continued his words as follows: “European University of Lefke cannot be considered independent of the region it is located in and contributing to the region is a social responsibility for both our university and us. In this context, we always take this fact into consideration in all evaluations and decision processes. In this difficult global epidemic process that we are going through with the whole world, we will be in cooperation with the tradesmen of the region and we will do everything we can as EUL to provide them with the necessary support. Regional tradesmen are part of EUL. “

We should not forget the strategic goals of our university while looking for solutions.

EUL Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Yükselen said, “I would like to express that the health of our students, employees and the people of the region is one of the top priorities for us. It is very important that we maintain the balance between the economy and health measures. ”He continued as follows:“ As the university administration, we have to plan and evaluate not only the present and the short term, but also the medium and long term. While looking for solutions to today’s troubles, we should not forget the strategic goals of our university ”.

In the Fall Semester, diluted and face-to-face training

Yükselen stated that the Senate of the European University of Lefke decided to implement the gradual and diluted face-to-face education model supported by distance education tools in the 2020-2021 Fall Semester, and said that the number of students who will come to our university for face-to-face education depends on the environment of trust in our country in this period. Explaining that the first 5 weeks of the courses will be held online in order to minimize the possible problems that may be experienced due to the epidemic on the return of our students to the campus, Yükselen emphasized that at the end of the 5th week, if there is no deterioration in the pandemic conditions in the country, they will start diluted face-to-face education with online education.

Prior to the Covid19 epidemic process, the appointment they requested to meet with President of the Council of Higher Education (CHE) Prof. Dr. M.A.Yekta Saraç was postponed due to the transportation problems caused by the epidemic, Yükselen said, During the meeting, Prof. Dr. M. A. Yekta Saraç stated that the basic element of education is face-to-face education, but he conveyed his thoughts that different methods can be used under the current conditions. Emphasizing that his own views coincide with those of the President of CHE, Yükselen continued his words as follows: “Mr. Saraç stated that their support to the University will continue and in this context, they are ready to support EUL’s new projects to increase the number of students in the future. It is also the opinion that they look favorably on projects aimed at increasing cooperation with state universities in the Republic of Turkey. “

As the university administration, Yükselen explained that the student mobility as a factor dictated to us by the pandemic has decreased due to the difficulties in the assessment they made today, and that this issue will continue similarly for a long time and within this framework, the number of students coming to the universities in the TRNC from third countries will decrease in the coming period. He said that they predicted the probability of it as high.

I believe that we will reach much better points together with the support of our motherland.

Yükselen ended his speech as: “This is the context in Lefka for the county to our students from the Republic of Turkey in order to maintain the number of students is vital from every angle and increase take ownership much more needs to know all of us realize the need. This is also true of us as TRNC and reveals once again that our homeland should be run together with the Republic of Turkey. If higher education in our country has improved in a short time in TRNC today it has been by the great contributions and support of Republic of Turkey and the Higher Education Council (CHE). Turkey has always stood by our universities in the higher education field, as in all areas, we feel full support in all circumstances. Our history, our culture, our shared values that can not be taken away due to our unbreakable ties with the Republic of Turkey. Development of our country in education generally and in EUL privately is not possible without the support of TR. We came today with the support of Turkey and then again we will overcome the present difficulties, I believe with the support of our homeland, and we got along much better spot, “he said.

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