Interior Architecture & Environmental Design


The aim of the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design is to train the young candidates fully prepared and equipped with knowledge to contribute to the creation of a better environment, to raise the quality of the interiors of buildings and public spaces and to come up with creative ideas to solve existing problems. The 4 year undergraduate programme focuses on interior design projects, redesigning of existing environments, public spaces and interiors in line with the physical boundaries or limits presented as well as the demands of the users.

Students are expected to come up with creative designs for interior spaces by taking into account the physical framework of the spaces and the architectural form. These design ideas are created by physical model making, computer aided architectural design and rendering techniques.

The 4 year undergraduate programme aims to bring up qualified and globally  experienced architects. The medium of the programme is in English.

Graduates may find work both in the private and public sectors once receiving their degrees. They may
also pursue careers in renovation and furniture design. Successful graduates may always choose to continue with their academic studies and may pursue a career as an academic in universities.



Asst. Prof. Dr. Selen ERMİYAGİL

Selen Ermiyagil

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