Health Management (MA)


The purpose of the Health Management Master’s programme is to meet the needs of people who are health professionals and who are in management positions at health institutions and also for people who are in need of knowledge and skills in this field. The programme has interdisciplinary feature, and it has a content that will appeal to professionals in different fields of expertise. The main objective of the program is to train health managers who are knowledgeable and who can consciously apply functions, intended toward the realisation of the objectives of the health care system, such as planning, organization, execution and coordination related to concepts, principles, models and techniques, and also to train skillful professional health managers in order to define and develop health infrastructure. The programme provides individuals a perspective on the management of all types of health care institutions and foundations. With this programme, it will be possible to have quality health care services, efficient and effective management, and also to train manpower needed to create effective health management system. The programme will give students a perspective on health care issues and trends for comparative evaluation.

Requirements for the graduate programme with thesis include 7 courses, a seminar and a thesis to be completed. The medium of education is English or Turkish.

Requirements for the graduate programme without thesis include 10 courses and a project. The medium of education is English or Turkish.

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