Psychology (MA)


The program aims to produce MA graduates who are sensitive to collective and ethical principles; respectful to both themselves and their environment, proficient in their profession and constantly try to improve themselves in a multitude of ways. We pride ourselves in producing post-graduates who embrace scientific thinking, who are able to fulfil the requirements of contemporary methods of psychology and are receptive to different and ideas and cultures, ultimately being able to think of them both creatively and critically.

Students of MA program of Psychology receive related lectures with the aim of transforming the theoretical knowledge related to the psychology profession they acquired at the undergraduate level and developing knowledge and skills in practical terms. In the direction of courses they take and the selection of their thesis subject, students can diverge to different fields of specialization. Elective courses that appear in the program are designed in a way that would enable students to improve themselves in the fields that they desire to gain knowledge.

Requirements for the graduate program include 21 credits, a seminar and a thesis to be completed. The medium of education is Turkish. The title gained after the graduation is Master of Arts in Psychology.

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