Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation


In recent years around the world, there is a need for physiotherapists with basic physiotherapy and rehabilitation training, as well as specialized specialists and scientists in specific fields. European University of Lefke Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Doctoral program aims to train world-class scientists in the profession. In this program, it is aimed to graduate students who can produce questions in many different areas related to Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, are curious about the events and the forms of events in these fields, can make assumptions, reach results and evaluate consistencies and inconsistencies between the events, and carry out original researches. Researchers who graduate from the doctoral program in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, have the notion of advanced research, are interested in different fields scientifically, and have a broad and deep perspective on new methods and practices. Graduates are able to carry their high level skills acquired during their doctoral studies to national and international clinical and academic studies. Upon completion of this program, graduates are awarded with a “PhD” degree in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at national and international level.

Program consists of 7 courses, a qualification exam after the completion of the courses, a seminar and a thesis.

The medium of the program is English.