Environmental Protection & Control


Being aware of environmental problems, the establishment and operation of the necessary facilities for the destruction of wastes causing environmental pollution without harming the environment, the application of analyzes for the purpose of pollution detection, the research of environmental pollution and the evaluation of the results to be obtained, and the execution of legal legislations meet the needs of the private sector and public enterprises. The aim of the program is to train professional staff at a level that can respond to the above needs. The vision of the program is to contribute to meeting the needs of professional staff by ensuring that the graduates have the knowledge, skills and equipment to take responsibility in the private sector and public institutions and organizations. Our graduates will receive the title of Environmental Technician. Graduates of the program can find employment opportunities both in the private sector and in public institutions. As an example of these; Wastewater and drinking water treatment and recycling facilities, Provincial and District municipalities, Hospitals, central and district organizations of the Ministry of Environment, Community health centers, health institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, various laboratories and businesses that prepare EIA reports can be given.

Environmental Technician carries out studies such as the supply of drinking water, purification, treatment of wastewater, operation of treatment plants, and measurements related to water/wastewater/air pollution in the laboratory. In this sense, the increasing industrialization has increased the employment opportunities for Environmental Technicians.