Civil Engineering


The fundamental aim of program for Civil Engineering is to enable students to publish their unique studies which they have conducted with the capacity of doing an independent research, comprehending scientific subjects with a deep and wide point of view, and which is conducted with a special attention to the social, scientific, cultural and ethical values in the process of gathering data about the matters that concern the society, also in the process of commenting, application and announcing of the gathered data. Additionally, it is expected from a student who is in the process to acquire the abilities of defending unique opinions in the discussion of subjects in the field with experts and to demonstrate competence in the field of effective communication. A comprehensive work that develops a new scientific method or technological product / process that brings innovation to technology, or that applies a known method to a new field is expected from the candidates in the program.

Program consists of 7 courses, a qualification exam after the completion of the courses, a seminar and a thesis. The medium of the program is English.

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