Physiotherapists are indispensable members of the healthcare team


European University of Lefke (EUL) Faculty of Health Sciences Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department Lecturer Assist. Prof. Dr. Aydın Meriç gave information about the importance of the Physiotherapy profession.

“The physiotherapist determines, plans and implements evidence-based protective and developing protocols by making measurements and tests related to the profession in order to regulate the physical activities of individuals and increase their mobility, except in case of illness. In case of illness, it creates and implements the necessary treatment program in order to eliminate or improve the movement and physical function disorders of the patients, depending on the diagnosis of the specialist physicians in their field of expertise. Stating that he works in cooperation with the other members of the rehabilitation team in terms of the treatment of patients, Meriç emphasized that Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is related to a wide range of disease groups, so physiotherapists are also indispensable members of the healthcare team.

“History of physiotherapy and rehabilitation (PTR) profession in the world, BC. It is based on manual therapy and hydrotherapy techniques first applied by Hippocrates and then Galen in 460 years. PTR, a branch of science and art that has developed over the centuries, has become widespread especially since the 1900s and systematic applications and scientific publications have increased after the Second World War.

Meriç, “World Physical Therapy Confederation (WCPT) member country associations organize a variety of scientific and social activities by bringing together the physiotherapists of the country with the general and / or regional meetings they organize on the 8th of September every year. In addition to general associations, other professional associations representing the specialization areas in the profession participate in these activities, increasing the specific professional representation to this day. Physiotherapists, who come together across the country in 112 countries that are members of WCPT, celebrate their profession on the same day and find the opportunity to increase in-professional communication and sharing with the activities they do. On September 8, physiotherapists in member countries discuss the latest developments and innovations in physiotherapy and rehabilitation with their colleagues by organizing scientific activities as well as some social activities such as introducing the physiotherapist profession, raising social awareness on physiotherapy and rehabilitation, or providing social education.

Physiotherapists provide individuals of all age groups to reach their target activities or functions with various exercise programs.

Meriç said, “WCPT acts as a large organization with more than 360,000 members in 112 member countries and representing physiotherapists at the international level. Therefore, “World Physiotherapy Day shows the unity and solidarity of all physiotherapists around the world. With the activities carried out on the “World Physiotherapy Day”, physiotherapists demonstrate the special role of their profession in public health, well-being and quality of life. They raise their profession profiles. They campaign to policymakers and governments on behalf of their jobs and their patients. They ensure that physiotherapists are recognized for their work for patients and public health. ”He stated that WCPT aims to support physiotherapists and member country associations that strive to raise the profession and global health by using” World Physiotherapy Day “as its focusIn addition to focusing on rehabilitation after Covid-19 at the confederation’s events this year, Meriç said; Noting that all healthy adults are given messages about being physically active, physiotherapists helping to incorporate physical activity into normal life, and advise individuals of all age groups (healthy or sick) about their physical activities, these messages are only to encourage communities about health and physical activity. not for; He also pointed out that physiotherapy approaches that bring strength and mobility to the highest level are also important in terms of showing how individuals are improved by physiotherapists and that physiotherapists enable patients or individuals of all age groups to reach their target activities or functions through various exercise programs, training and advice. .

Meriç concluded his words by saying, “Within the scope of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2030, the World Health Organization’s Rehabilitation 2030 Goals and Call for Action invites all administrators to be sensitive in order for rehabilitation to be within the scope of universal health, to create rehabilitation service delivery models and to strengthen access.”

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