Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine at EUL has long been dedicated to making a difference in the world by enhancing medical education, research, and patient care.

Giving our students significant and valuable learning experiences enables us achieve our mission of “the Right Choice to be a step ahead” and empowers tomorrow’s leading physicians and scientists.

Our students are prepared to meet the local, national, and international healthcare challenges through a well-designed curriculum, mentoring from teams of brilliant teachers, exposure to limitless opportunities for international learning, innovative research, and cutting-edge technological laboratories, all of which take into account the accelerated pace of change in the twenty-first century.

Rümeysa Demirdamar

Prof. Dr. Seyide Rümeysa Demirdamar




Prof. Dr. Seyide Rümeysa DEMİRDAMAR

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Tel: +90 392 660 2000

Postal Address: European University of Lefke

Lefke, Northern Cyprus TR-10 Mersin, Turkey


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