Computer Centre

There are 10 computer labs operating under the Computer Centre . The Computer Centre offers the following hosting services for Intranet and Internet services. The Computer Centre supplies all the server-system services that help to provide academic and administrative functions as well as Intranet and Internet services. These are:

  • Database Servers
  • Application Software Servers
  • Electronic Message Servers
  • DNS Servers
  • Portal Servers
  • Web Servers
  • FTP Servers
  • Media Servers
  • CD Servers

All EUL members have the right to access Internet services like e-mail, web, and ftp. The Computer Center has Campus License Protocols with well- known software companies. All buildings on campus are connected to the central switch over Gigabit Ethernet. Each building has a network switches connecting the end users, which are either connected directly to the center or a main switch at the building. There are about 937 end users on campus. About 688 of these are active at once. The campus network includes wireless networks at various locations. At EUL, voice service is provided over an ISDN exchange. Services are provided to over 1024 analogue and 64 digital subscribers utilizing the campus network. Two-way direct dialing is enabled with the (660) prefix. All computer malfunctions and breakdowns are repaired and maintained by the Computer Centre’s technical staff.

Information Services

Internet Acces

Thanks to its strong infrastructure, students are able to benefit from high speed and reliable wireless and cable internet at all times. Students staying at residence halls can enjoy 24 hour internet service with a separate line.

E-mail Addresses

Every EUL student is provided with an email account. It is advised that you use your email account actively. In order to use this service, browse  at any computer with internet connection or browse  and click on “StudentWebMail” link. Below is the procedure for users to follow in order to change their passwords. 1- Enter your student number twice as your user-name and one-time password and click on “Sign in”. 2- On the next screen, enter your student number to “Password” section and a password of your choice to the “New password” and “Confirm” sections. The password you will create should contain at least 6 characters comprised of numbers and letters (English alphabet). 3- Then, you can access your email account by clicking on “Sign in”. 4- You need to use your new password to sign in from that point on. A sample student email address: (for

Message Lists

Message lists or groups allow individuals interested in specific issues to communicate through email. All emails posted in the message groups are distributed to the message list subscriptions.

Wireless Internet Access

The campus network includes wireless networks at various locations.

Online Services

Student Informations Systems

The OIBS or Student Information System is a system which allows students to track all academic procedures and financial transactions via the internet. Students may register for courses, learn about their course programmes and grades through the system.


The Webmail system is one of the basic information services provided by the university for students and staff. An email account is created automatically for all registered students and staff.

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