Career Service Support Centre


In the rapidly changing and developing world, the need for people who have adapted to the change, which are open to development and sharing, and who have improved themselves in the social, professional, and personal areas, have revealed the importance of creating a planning and development center such as Career Service Support Center (CSSC). Therefore, CSSC offers opportunities to be an area where knowledge and skills are gathered, shared and provide students personal, professional, and social development.

Purpose of the Center:

  • To determine the need for qualified manpower according to the work areas,
  • Identify new business areas in the market,
  • Career planning of individuals or organizations, university students and graduates; help them through career counseling in order to adapt themselves in work-life and settle in jobs that are appropriate to their characteristics,
  • To provide training to individuals, organizations, university students, or graduates in order to increase their professional competence and follow up the new developments in their fields,
  • To provide new education programs to students who want to improve themselves in different fields,
  • To provide education to the wider segment with visual, auditory, remote, or direct training models,
  • To provide information about undergraduate programs which are compatible with the university candidates’ ability in order to increase the preferability of our university,
  • To monitor the career development process of university graduates,
  • To increase the number of institutions that university students can do internships and to ensure that the students establish networks with the institutions they can do internships,
  • To provide employment at the national and international level to the students and graduates of the European University of Lefke.

Fields of Activity

  • Application and preparation of projects, participation in ongoing work, and supporting such work in the field of career counseling with private and legal institutions and organizations
  • To conduct studies in the field of education and employment, to determine student preferences in the university entrance examinations,
  • To offer courses, seminars, conferences, congresses, symposiums, training, and other activities at the national and international level in the field of career counseling,
  • To plan and implement studies to increase the career adaptation of the new university students,
  • To apply the tests and techniques that may be necessary to recognize the individual characteristics of university students, to interpret the results, and help students to build their career steps in this direction,
  • To organize career days and career fairs and to ensure the participation of the graduates of the European University of Lefke, who work in various institutions and organizations,
  • To help students in order to gain knowledge and experience about overseas education and job/job opportunities,
  • To provide career counseling services to students, staff, and families of the European University of Lefke, Take an online appointment  for one-on-one sessions
  • Organize meetings to bring graduates and students together, and help students to learn more about work-life and career options.
  • To Provide contacts and support connections between the institutions/organizations (who are requesting an employee), university students, and the graduates.
  • Informing and guiding students about domestic and international education opportunities by organizing scholarship and internship days,
  • In order to help job seekers to find a job at the international and national level, establish a database that includes their CVs in both English and Turkish languages.
  • To establish networks and collaborate with national and international career centers working on career counseling.

Online Career Portal

EUL’s Career Support Center helps students to find jobs/internships. For this purpose, we have adopted GRADUWAY software; which is an online platform developed by Headhunter Systems Limited that links students with career opportunities. The platform is then supported by the Career Gate and Talent Gate databases  in order to bring a vast amount of useful career-related opportunities for EUL students, for when they are EUL graduates.

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