EUL Academician Perçinci gave information about “Pandemic Period and Nutrition”


Food to be taken during the quarantine or social isolation process should be as nutritious as possible. 

Head of Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, European University of Lefke (EUL) Health Sciences Faculty Assist. Prof. Dr. Nazal Bardak Perçinci gave information about the “Pandemic Period and Nutrition”.

“A strong immune system plays an important role in protecting against many virus-related diseases, including Covid-19, and the application of quarantine, which is a protective method, has become extremely important. The quarantine situation affects the psychological conditions of the individuals and also the nutritional status indirectly ”said Perçinci, the increase in the time spent at home, the news of the pandemic being constantly listened to and being watched, the increasing concerns, the increase in the desire to consume food (especially carbohydrate foods) and the decrease in physical activity, stated that it may cause unwanted increases in body weight.

Perçinci: In order to overcome this difficult period as easily as possible, the foods to be chosen should be rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Stating that the coronovirus disease (Covid-19), which the World Health Organization now regards as a pandemic, poses an important public health threat in the country, Perçinci said, “Although there is no food that can prevent or treat the transmission of coronavirus alone; “It has been proven that a healthy and balanced diet, physical activity and regular sleep strengthen the immune system.”
Pointing out that the foods to be taken during the quarantine or social isolation process should be as nutritious, long-lasting and durable as possible, Perçinci said that the foods to be chosen to get through this difficult period as easily as possible should be rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. and listed the other points that need attention as follows:

- Even if there are moments when the consumption of vegetables and fruits is overlooked in our active life, it is very important to consume every meal during periods when our immune system should be strong..

- Making your choices according to the season provides maximum benefit.

- You should choose fruits rich in vitamin C to support the immune system.

- Legumes are primarily preferred because they are durable and nutritious foods.

-They take a long time to cook, but you can cook in large quantities and divide them into portions and keep them in the freezer.

- Consumption of fish twice a week is important in terms of being a source of Omega-3.

- Eggs should be among the foods that should be consumed frequently.

- Milk and dairy products are foods with a long shelf life when stored under appropriate conditions. You can choose egg and cheese derivatives to increase your protein intake.

- By providing adequate protein intake, you support the antibodies, which are the body’s defense mechanism, to fulfill their duties. You can also benefit from beneficial bacteria by applying kephir or probiotic products.

Perçinci: The consumption of sugary foods and beverages that rapidly raise your blood sugar should be as limited as possible.

Perçinci mentioned the foods and beverages that should be restricted during this period and listed these foods and beverages as follows; Sugar and sugary foods and drinks that increase blood sugar rapidly, pastry products including white bread, processed meat products, foods containing excessive salt (instant sauces, salty products such as chips, popcorn, savory cookies, etc.).

Stating that “alcoholic beverages with high energy content can negatively affect the absorption of vitamins and minerals and cause sleep problems, their consumption should be limited as much as possible,” said Perçinci, and expressed that there is no evidence that alcohol consumption prevents coronavirus infection, and fake drinks containing methyl alcohol instead of ethyl alcohol can cause very serious poisoning.

At the end of Perçinci’s statement, “Although there is no finding that coronavirus is contaminated with food, besides the important points such as obtaining and consuming correct and clean food, it is not necessary to forget, ensuring the highest level of cleaning in food preparation processes, especially meat products; “It is very important that all cooked foods reach a high internal temperature, that is, they are cooked well.”

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