Physical activity restriction in the pandemic period led to an increase in musculoskeletal pain


European University of Lefke (EUL) Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Faculty Member Assist. Prof. Dr. Beliz Belgen stated that the restriction of physical activity during the carefree pandemic period caused an increase in musculoskeletal pain, and provided information on the subject.

Kaygısız: The sedentary lifestyle can suppress the benefits of physical activity, leading to negative consequences.

Noting that “COVID 19 is a disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus is a very contagious disease and made it necessary to apply social isolation in many countries of the world in the first half of 2020” Kaygısız, stated that home and quarantine methods are used as the most effective restrictive measures to prevent contamination and stop uncontrolled growth of the disease. She stated that stopping economic and social activities, inability to access ordinary health services, social isolation and economic uncertainty naturally causes serious anxiety, she also stated that the sedentary lifestyle, which is due to constant home, can suppress the benefits of physical activity and cause negative consequences.

“The dramatic reduction of physical activity due to compulsory home stay has been one of the most prominent negative consequences of this process, not only for active individuals who are addicted to sports, but also for people who do activities such as walking or climbing stairs during the day or whose jobs are done physically” Many researchers have stated that the combination of sudden discontinuation of physical activity and prolonged immobility can cause many health problems such as insulin resistance, muscle strength and loss of bone tissue, musculoskeletal pain, decreased aerobic capacity, increased blood pressure, fatty liver.

Kaygısız: It is important that people increase indoor physical activity

“Musculoskeletal diseases and especially pain complaints are common in the population working at the computer. Decreased physical activity during the epidemic, increased work and personal stresses, working in improper postures at the computer are the factors that cause these problems. However, the epidemic period has prevented the application of health services due to these complaints.  “As an alternative to fast walking, running and cycling, treadmills, stationary bikes or similar equipment can be preferred. Kaygisiz stated that it is possible to carry out these activities with the training provided by videos or smart phone applications today. “In addition to increasing the level of physical activity, paying attention to sitting and posture positions during the day is important in preventing musculoskeletal problems, in addition to increasing the level of physical activity, stating that the physical activities that can be carried out using technology in the carefree period, especially during the epidemic, are highly diversified and that there are many applications made using the basic items that can be found at home,” she said. Finally, she added that it is important that especially those working at the computer work in ergonomic positions and correct the body posture by taking a break at half an hour intervals.

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