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Scholarship Opportunities for Undergraduate Students


As a non-profit university, the European University of Lefke offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities that have become a great incentive for students.

The EUL has decided to grant 50% tuition fee scholarship that is offered exclusively to the International freshman students who choose to enroll for the Fall Intake of 2018/2019. Students need to apply to the International Office for the availability and the requirements of the scholarship grant.

Scholarships for students who have siblings studying at EUL (25% of scholarship for each sibling)

The EUL also offers sibling discounts for prospective students whose brothers and/or sisters are already enrolled in the European University of Lefke. In accordance with the EUL regulations, these students receive 25% of discount on their tuition fees while they study together. In order to lighten up the financial burden imposed on families having their children study at the same time. This type of scholarship is granted to students who are enrolled in any of the undergraduate programmes, and is not granted when one of the siblings is enrolled in a postgraduate programme.

Academic scholarships for high-performing students

According to the rules and regulations of the EUL, students may be granted “high academic achievement” scholarship based on their previous semester’s academic standing. The set minimum requirement for students to be granted this type of scholarship is the achievement of GPA of 3.50 out of 4.00

Sports and Culture scholarships

Apart from the academic scholarships offered to students there are also sports & culture scholarships that may be granted depending on students’ success in the sports or culture field chosen and depending on students’ or team’s sports or culture achievements attained nationally and internationally (national & international competitions, tournaments, matches etc.).