Water is life, we must protect every drop


European University of Lefke (EUL) Faculty of Engineering Faculty Member Assist. Prof. Dr. İbrahim Bay made statements about Drought.

Bay stated that climate change has been defined as the change of global statistical data for more than decades, the terms related to regional climate such as temperature, rain, wind have been completed as the formation of temperature values as a result of the annual global averages that have increased slightly each year. He also pointed out that regions with high carbon emissions are concentrated and triggering the problem.

“While harmful sun rays have to be reflected, it enters our world and stays in the atmosphere, raising the air temperature average by creating a greenhouse effect. This is simply the Global Warming” he said. It also causes melting of glaciers and evaporation.

 Bay: We should pay utmost attention to the use of groundwater resources, we should appreciate the value of every drop that falls as rain.

“Global warming disrupted our memorization about the continental climate which was taught us while still in elementary school, and was defined as“ hot and dry in summer, cold in winter and snowy ”, which was memorized in our social studies course, and caused us to observe precipitation in many regions resulting in flooding in the middle of summer. “The winter months have been more comfortable with an above average air temperature in some regions, or much colder than expected in another region,” said Mr. Bay. Bay mentioned that drought is just one of these problems. Being a small island country and having to fight with geographical problems are our natural problems. He said that in order to live a more comfortable life with these problems, we should never forget some facts. By saying, “The law of conservation of matter sheds light on many important studies in science,” we cannot create anything from nothing, from nothing. Only the location, time, size and / or state of the substance can change. He said this applies to the hydrological cycle. Mr. Bay said that since the amount of water in the world is constant, it is important how much we use, what we do after we use it.

Bay: We must open recycling wells that feed water resources

“Scientific studies based on meteorological data show that our island is in an increasingly drought region by location. “The most important thing to do is awareness,” said Bay. This awareness will push us to manage it better and will make us to use more controlled water.

Finally, Mr. Bay said, “Our island is not suitable for arch dams built in deep valleys geographically. Dams and ponds that form a large surface area cause great losses due to excessive evaporation in our region where the average temperature is high. He pointed out that it would be important to recycle wells in order to feed their resources. As a simple alternative solution, he underlined that the utmost attention should be paid to the use of groundwater resources, it is important to know the value of every drop that falls as rain, and to open up recycling wells in order to feed the groundwater resources as much as possible.

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