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Faculty of Pharmacy

Director’s message

Dear students,

Welcome to Faculty of Pharmacy, European University of Lefke . The role of the pharmacist in the healthcare system has experienced an astonishing transformation during the last couple of decades.

Pharmacist is a critical partner in the healthcare system, a front-line practitioner tasked with preserving the health of patients and communities. Pharmacists are Medicine Treatment Managers, and here at European University of Lefke Faculty Pharmacy, our 5-year MPharm programme offers a host of educational programs designed to produce the future leaders in pharmacy practice. Our programme is designed to combine basic science and clinical courses, practice experiences and the pharmaceutical industry that shape the students as pharmacists.

As the Founding Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, I am exceedingly proud to welcome you at European University of Lefke Faculty of Pharmacy, and to prepare you to a redefined pharmacy practice.

You will reach your dream career and become pharmacists who are committed to speeding new medication therapies from bench to bedside. You will be talented students destined to be the standard bearers for pharmacy practice, research, and service excellence for decades to come.

We invite you to get to know us better.

Prof.Dr. Seyide Rümeysa Demirdamar

Prof. Dr. Seyide Rümeysa Demirdamar




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