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Faculty of Agricultural Sciences & Technologies

The aim of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences & Technologies at the European University of Lefke is to raise agricultural engineers who have a strong knowledge of agriculture and horticulture in line with contemporary techniques and environmental awareness. The university’s own applied sciences farm allows students to master the fundamentals of agriculture, to conduct research, to apply and demonstrate their knowledge in real life. Thus students are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to become agricultural engineers.

Dean’s message

Dear students,

Welcome to our faculty which offers education in one of the most enjoyable and production regions in the field of agriculture

The experiences which you will gain from the start to the end of your education here at the European University of Lefke will earn you a very valuable profession.

It is my firm conviction that the theoretical and applied education which you will receive throughout your time here as well as the social-cultural activities made available to you on campus will allow you to become individuals with strong social relations and a strong sense of environmental awareness.

Try to embrace the profession you will earn here not only with its technical aspects but with its ethical values and principles as well.

I would like to wish you all a healthy, successful and happy time here…


Prof. Dr. M. Rıfat Derici

Prof. Dr. M. Rıfat Derici


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