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Faculty of Agricultural Sciences & Technologies

The aim of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences┬á& Technologies at the European University of Lefke is to raise agricultural engineers┬áwith a strong knowledge of agriculture and horticulture in line with contemporary techniques and environmental awareness. The universityÔÇÖs own applied sciences farm allows students to master the fundamentals of agriculture, to conduct research, to apply and demonstrate their knowledge in real life. Thus students are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to become agricultural engineers.

DeanÔÇÖs message

Dear students, welcome to our Faculty which is located in the greenest part of the Cyprus Island; Lefke where it is feasible to conduct all kinds of horticulture. Our Faculty is ready to train you as successful agriculture engineers with its strong academic staff, research fields and laboratories. We should note that, all living beings are obliged to nourishment in order to survive, we can back down even from technology but the only thing that we cannot give up is nourishment, and this is the most important guarantee of the profession of agriculture engineering, today and in the future. The knowledge and ability that you will gain in the fields of Horticultural Production, Breeding Techniques and Marketing are in the level that will ensure your success not only in civil services but also in private sector and business life. Also, it will provide you the opportunity of doing businesses in the global scale with your colleague candidate friends from many different countries. A peaceful education life in our ever growing University Campus is waiting for you.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Atilla A┼čk─▒n

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Atilla A┼čk─▒n


Prof. Dr. Mehmet Alta┼č

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Postal Address: European University of Lefke

Lefke , Northern Cyprus TR-10 Mersin, Turkey

E-mail:  agriculture@eul.edu.tr

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2018-2019 Fall Term course evaluation surveys will be conducted via Student Information System (OIBS) on 7-31 January.

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