Academician of EUL Çağanağa analysed the Historical Development of Cyprus Mining Company Houses


Academician of European University of Lefke (EUL) Faculty of Architecture Assist. Prof. Dr. Vedat Çağanağa participated in the 3rd International Congress of Scientific Studies in Antalya and represented EUL. In the congress, Çağanağa presented his notice titled “Evolution of Cypriot Mining Company Housings in Karadağ and Gemikonağı in Cyprus”.

Cyprus Mining Company houses are built considering the island’s climatic conditions

Çağanağa said that “The study examines the development of the housing of the Cyprus Mining Company (KMŞ) in Karadağ and Gemikonağı in Cyprus between 1926-1974 in terms of different levels of prosperity” and went on to say that Susan the houses built during the Ottoman and British colonial periods were used in Lefke as KMŞ lodgings in later years. Pointing out the term “housing” (lojman in Turkish) is described in various ways, Çağanağa said that the word Lo lojman comes from the French word “lodgement”, which is defined as low-rent or non-rental housing by some organizations for the residence of the staff. Stating that Cyprus Mining Company houses are built considering the island’s climatic conditions, Çağanağa emphasized that spatial flexibility, quality, extroversion, spatial hierarchy and family privacy are the most prominent features of KMŞ houses.

Organic textures of Ottoman and British colonial architecture were observed in the housings of Cyprus Mining Company

Çağanağa pointed out that the grill texture of Cyprus Mining Company housings is frequently seen, while the organic texture of Ottoman and British colonial architecture was observed and added that all necessary interior and exterior spaces of the house, which can be used in any way, have been changed by new users who do not follow the rules of KMŞ housings. He further stated that addition of irregular rooms in today’s Cyprus Mining Company (KMŞ) houses changed the air flow of the inter-residential area.

In his study, Çağanağa examined the characteristics of the KMŞ housings and how they affected contemporary architecture in Lefke, as well as the historical development of these housings.

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