EUL Academicians discussed examples of Nicosia – Walled City boutique hotels in their works.


European University of Lefke (EUL) Faculty of Architecture, Head of the Department of Interior Architecture Assist. Prof. Dr. M. Selen Abbasoğlu Ermiyagil and Head of Architecture Asst. Prof. Dr. Cemaliye Sunalp Gürçınar prepared the “Evaluation of Indoor Historic Tissue Function Through Change” Nicosia – Walled City Boutique Hotel Examples ” on docomomo_tr article and it was presented at the Symposium on Modern Interior Spaces in Turkey.


Academicians mentioned that docomomo_tr is a symposium carried out by the Özyiğin University covering  Modern Interior Spaces in Turkey,  Public Spaces, Housing, Plastic Arts, the latest developments regarding the Literature and Cinema Research Methods in all aspects session with researchers of science and culture in focus, research findings, ideally they offer ideas and practices of a stating that they were held on the academic online platform, academicians stated that important topics were addressed in scientific research under various sub-titles and special sessions, posters, oral and online presentations were included in the symposium program.


Structures used by re-functioning are important in terms of ensuring socio-cultural continuity and economic contribution.

Ermiyagil and Gürçınar stated that the socio-cultural, technological and economic changes experienced by societies, while changing the needs of people, they also change the structures due to their spaces, and the structures that cannot adapt to the changing conditions are either re-used or destroyed in time. The academicians who stated that the structures that were used by re-functioning are important both in terms of ensuring socio-cultural continuity and providing economic contribution, continued by giving information about the study; The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is one of the areas where the historical building stock of Nicosia-Walled City is heavily located. By combining one or more of the structures in this area; boutique hotel, restaurant, cafe, bar… etc. They started to participate in urban life by transforming into new functions such as.  Within the scope of the study, examples of boutique hotels in Nicosia – Walled City were discussed. The main reason for choosing the examples of boutique hotels in Nicosia – Walled City is that the interventions and designs made within the historical texture are reflected to the interior spaces without disrupting the existing urban texture and emerged as modern interior design designs.

Within the scope of the study, academicians who said that the function transformation has been completed and spatial analyses have been made related to the boutique hotel structures of Nicosia Walled City Region, which exist with its new functions, and visual materials have been made, depending on the potential of the existing structures, as a result of the site analysis, They stated that their efficiency and functionality were discussed and this stage was also supported by the literature review “on-site observation and documentation” methods, which constitute the methodological framework of the study, and increased the originality of the study.

As a result, the academicians who stated that the concept of function change was evaluated on the interior samples of the Nicosia Walled City Region boutique hotels, mentioned that suggestions were developed in order to make the new function changes made and to be more useful in line with the findings obtained.

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