EUL Faculty Member Perçinci gave information about “Nutrition Therapy in Obesity”


European University of Lefke (EUL) Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty Member Assist. Prof. Dr. Nazal Bardak Perçinci gave information on “Nutrition Therapy in Obesity”.

Perçinci stated that the frequency of obesity is gradually increasing and treatment patterns are increasing in parallel, and the methods applied in the treatment of obesity; listed as nutritional therapy, behavioural change therapy, increasing physical activity, drug therapy and surgical interventions. “The best result in the treatment can be achieved with behavioural change therapy along with diet therapy and increasing physical activity,” said Perçinci.   She stated that obesity is among the most important health problems of developed and developing countries today. “Obesity is generally defined as the“ body weight rising above the desired level according to the height ”as a result of excessive increase of the body’s fat mass to lean mass. Perçinci said that it will be possible to achieve long-term and permanent results when you make the sustainable changes in your diet, lifestyle, and it will facilitate the flow of the process by setting correct and achievable goals in slimming diets. 

Perçinci “Although lists based on a single food will speed up weight loss, it will not be permanent.” 

Stating that it is very important that the nutrients included in the nutrition program aiming to lose weight are adequate and balanced, Perçinci stated that at this point, all food groups such as meat and dairy products, cereal group, vegetable and oil group should be included in the nutrition program. Perçinci said that a healthy diet list should contain all the food groups that make up the body building blocks such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, and provide the calories needed by the body. She also stated that he will ensure his sustainability by preventing boring. “Although lists based on a single food will speed up weight loss, it will not be permanent. Perçinci said that the diet list prepared by evaluating the factors such as gender, age, nutritional habits, and working conditions of the person who decides to lose weight makes it easy to reach the target weight. ” Perçinci also mentioned that the meals on the list are easy to prepare and practical, that they appeal to the taste and accessibility of the person, are also important for the applicability of the diet.

 Perçinci “When preparing a diet list for slimming, low-fat meals should be consumed, not lean” 

“When the calories that the body needs are not met, or in other words, when a low-calorie diet is applied, the body gets a sense of famine by adapting to this diet. The body starts to spend less energy by lowering the metabolic rate. This situation causes excess weight to be taken back in a very short time when the diet is released. ” She reminded that the fats are also very important for the fat-soluble vitamins. Fats, such as olive oil, sunflower oil and avocado oil, by stating that fats, which play an important role in maintaining the body’s heat balance, delay the feeling of hunger by providing late emptying of the stomach and therefore should be consumed while preparing the diet list for slimming. It was stated that its consumption provides better protection of cell membranes.

“Carbohydrates such as high-fibre cereals, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, bulgur, whole wheat rice should be included in the diet. Foods such as milk, yogurt, and kefir, which play an important role in balancing blood sugar, are also indispensable for a healthy diet. ” She pointed out that fruits and vegetables with high vitamin and mineral content should be included in the nutrition programs due to the antioxidant components they contain. Lastly, Perçinci stated that meat, chicken, eggs, fish and dried legumes with high protein content help to protect the muscles and provide a long-term feeling of satiety because of being digested late, and with a slimming list that ensures that these nutritional groups are taken adequately and balanced. She added that burning is faster and losing weight is more permanent.

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