EUL won the first place in an International Cooking Competition Category


EUL Students won 4 Golden Medals

European University of Lefke (EUL) School of Tourism & Hotel Management Department of Gastronomy students attended the “International Cooking Competition” which took place at Nis, Serbia. EUL students won the first place in the category of national cooking which had 30 participant countries and deemed worthy of the “Grand Prix Cup”.

EUL is achieving success one after the other

Giving information about the competition, Academician of Gastronomy Department Zihni Türksel said that, in the categories in which the students competed individually, Ufuk Sarıcık won golden medal in the category of barbeque with Şeftali Kebab, and added that Süleyman Karatuğ also won a golden medal in the second category with Fish Platter. Türksel also pointed out that Şeftali Kebab which is a local dish of Cyprus Culture was treated to the participants.

Türksel also stated that in the third category in which Ufuk Sarıcık and Süleyman Karatuğ competed as a team, they have won two golden medals and the first place with their presentation of 100 portions of Ekmek Kadayıfı (crumpets in thick syrup).

Türksel: I believe that we have represented both our country and university in the best possible way.

Pointing out that they have attended the competition which took place at Serbia after an intensive working program, Türksel said that despite competing under harsh conditions, they have had a great competition. Stating that especially Seftali Kebab and Ekmek Kadayıfı won great appreciation, Türksel said that “I was deemed worthy of Sicily Academic Honor Regal and the students were deemed worthy of Honor Regal which represents outstanding success. We are very proud, I believe that we have represented both our country and university in the best possible way”.

Turksel also said thati “I would like to show my sincere thanks firstly to our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Yükselen and Director of the School of Tourism & Hotel Management Assist. Prof. Dr. Mehmedali Egemen for their moral and material support”.

Students who have won the first place in the competition expressed their feelings and thoughts as follows;

Ufuk Sarıcık: This was a very different experience for us. Competitions in our country and abroad are very important for us in terms of improving ourselves vocationally. We have prepared the dishes of our own culture and gained appreciation. Our treats were applauded by everyone. It was a pleasing experience and it made us proud.

Süleyman Karatuğ: We have won a great success on behalf of our university and T.R.N.C, it was very honoring. We have introduced our country to other countries via taking part in this competition, that why I am very pleased. I would like to thank our teacher Zihni Türksel who have always been at our side for his supports.