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Mission & Vision


  • To advocate on behalf of the University by promoting “Global Education” that meets worldwide standards in support of the university’s strategic plan
  • To continue focusing on international admission concentrating on student satisfaction without making concessions on quality


  • Creating a multi-ethnic, cross-cultural student profile on campus
  • Creating International Diversity by increasing the visibility of “International Student Body”  on campus


Accuracy & Consistency:

It is one of the most important values of the IO to provide accurate information consistently.


Respecting and always taking into consideration the cultural differences and the multiple dimensions of our International Student Body population.


Being dedicated to providing clear, unified and accurate information at all times.

Professional Service:

Always providing high quality and professional service during both constitutes (promotional activity & admissions) to achieve expected results and outcomes.

Ethical Practice:   

Applying the University’s Rules, Regulations and Policies impartially while conducting all IO activities equally.