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Psychological Counselling & Guidance Centre


The European University of Lefke attaches great importance to the health, welfare and happiness of its academic and administrative staff as well as it students.

The mission of the Psychological Counselling & Guidance Centre is to support EUL students, staff, and their families in enhancing their strengths and developing their abilities to live successfully, grow, and learn in their personal and academic lives. There may always be issues and developments in your lives which you would like to share or need help in solving. The centre is there to listen to these problems and to help you solve them.

There are 3 professionals at the centre ready to offer their assistance

Our principles:

  • Principle of Secrecy/confidentiality
  • Principle of neutrality
  • Principle of respect of individual rights
  • Self-Referral

Psychological services provided by EUL Psychological Counselling & Guidance Centre include individual counseling, group counseling, guidance services, research activities, in-service training programs, and programs targeting the needs of specific groups within the local community.
Applicants may make appointments for individual counseling either by coming to Psychological Counselling & Guidance Centre are confidential and free of charge.

  • The center’s psychologists adhere to fundamental ethical principles that guide the discipline of psychology. These ethical principles include respect for people’s rights and dignity, confidentiality, self-referral, and responsibility. The psychologists are ready to listen, support, and help you with respect, without being judgmental in the process of overcoming your problems.
  • The centre offers both individual counseling and group counseling.

Research Techniques:

The center also conducts tests and research in order to get to know students better, to learn and determine their psychological and social needs and to identify areas where problems may exist. Some of the techniques used are:

  • Questionnaires/surveys
  • Psychological tests

 Seminar and Conferences:

In line with needs or demands of students, experts in the field may be invited to the university to give seminars, presentations or conferences. Some of the events organized are as follows:

  • Workshops for struggle against addiction
  • Conference on identifying and intervening against abusive substances
  • A 10 hour certificate program on Communication
  • Walks on Spring Festival Week
  • Events, conferences and panels within the framework of Women’s Day
  • Training program to deal with stress (in the workplace or home-for department secretaries)
  • Body Language Education (dormitory staff)
  • Events, conference and panels on raising awareness on Diabetes.
  • Family Education (EUL Staff with children aged 7-11)
  • Orientation Week.


Telephone: 6602000-2182