Minister Çavuşoğlu made a speech within the framework of the 175th Anniversary of Agricultural Education by participating in the online event held by EUL Agricultural Sciences and Faculty of Technologies and the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers (ZMO)



Minister Çavuşoğlu said that the world population increased and agricultural lands decreased. drawing attention, stated that food efficiency has become important. Minister Çavuşoğlu stated that he was appointed Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources for the third time. recalling, “I do not have an agricultural education, but I am a person from agriculture. Although I am not as much academician, I try hard to be a good manager in agriculture. “I want you to know what I have spent.”

Minister Çavuşoğlu conducted soil analyzes during his previous term of office. to be able to make the plant pattern and complete similar processes with Çukurova University, As a result of the cooperation carried out, booklets on the sector are published, He explained that they brought the first Agriculture Master Plan to the country.

Minister Çavuşoğlu emphasized the importance of education in a foreign language, revealing the necessity of combining academic orientation with politics in order to do forward-looking work in the agricultural sector. Minister Çavuşoğlu, who shared the information that a foreign language requirement is required for the employment of Agricultural Engineers, but that although they are highly skilled agricultural engineers, they are not recruited because they cannot fulfill the foreign language requirement, Minister Çavuşoğlu stated that the cooperation between universities and the Ministry on foreign languages can support Agricultural Engineers.


Minister Çavuşoğlu emphasized that academics could be the locomotive both in training students and in the transition from traditionalism to modernity in the country, and said “We all need your knowledge, experience and desire”.

Underlining that the country administrators support universities in every sense Minister Çavuşoğlu said, “When the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies of EUL was opened, our Ministry was able to give the most precious lands it has for its own use to the university so that it can be tested and planted samples. We do not see the institutional structures of the universities apart from ourselves. The information that the academics at universities carry to our country is the wealth of our country and our Ministry. In this sense, we are open to all kinds of cooperation with you. Our vision is to reach both the knowledge and the developments in the world by using you as a bridge. ”

Minister Çavuşoğlu stated that it is very close to complete the water tunnel and agricultural irrigation water project. Expressing that it is planned to be brought to the country in the future, He stated that academicians can contribute to the work of agricultural engineers in this direction.

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