The education systematic offered by multiple choice exam technique negatively affects Architecture education


Academician of European University of Lefke (EUL) Faculty of Architecture Assist. Prof. Dr. Er├žim Ulu─č participated in the 3rd International Congress of Scientific Studies in Antalya and presented his paper titled ÔÇťThe Impact of Secondary Education System on Architectural EducationÔÇŁ.

It is important to reach the right answer with the fastest technique in exams competing with time.

Pointing out that within the secondary education system, students are prepared for university selection exams with multiple-choice exam system Ulu─č said that ÔÇťIn exams competing with time, it is important to solve as many questions as possible by reaching the right answer with the fastest technique. In this process, the main objective is to reach the answer in a systematic way beyond understanding and perceiving the question from an analytical point of viewÔÇŁ.

Ulu─č classified the problems experienced in the architectural education process

Ulu─č said that the education systematics given by multiple-choice exam technique negatively affects the architectural education that requires original production and went on to say that in his study he has revealed that in the framework of scientific research, the students who gained the right to architecture education with the multiple-choice education system examined the difficulties they faced during the education process. Ulu─č further stated that as a result of the surveys and interviews with architecture students, the problems experienced during the architectural education process were identified and classified.

Ulu─č aimed to raise awareness in order to improve the education processes of individuals who will be educated under the field of Design.

Ulu─č finally said that ÔÇťThe conducted study shows that there is a need for constructive criticism in the field of middle education system. The aim of this study is to raise awareness of the individuals who will be educated under the design science in order to improve their educational processesÔÇŁ.

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