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English Preparatory School


Since the general medium of instruction of the interdisciplinary education offered by the European University of Lefke is English, the university’s English Preparatory School is of utmost importance.The level of English in courses offered by the different faculties and departments at the universitylevel is quite advanced.

The European University of Lefke’s English Preparatory School teaches a full range of English language courses to preparatory, undergraduate and postgraduate students for duration of two years to prepare them for the academic skills and knowledge they will acquire during their studies. English Communication Skills for work is also offered by the school for those who want to take such courses later on.

Setting out from mission of the school is to offer our students internationally recognized language qualifications and to provide them a wide range of extra educational, social and cultural support that will benefit them during their stay at our school.

More importantly the EPS aims to enhance and advance students’ writing, listening, and reading and speech skills in English which is crucial for their success in their academic careers that offer education in English. The education offered by the English Preparatory school is at the international standards. The EPS and its highly qualified staff has made it its top priority to provide all necessary support to our students in helping them advance and improve their foreign language skills.

The programme offered by the Preparatory School includes courses that will enhance students’ abilities to listen and understand, to take notes, use different reading skills and skimming, their abilities to express themselves and share their views in English. The programme, using the latest and effective methods also aims to enhance students understanding capabilities, particularly regarding academic texts, their writing skills such as preparing essays, reports and presentations and taking notes.

At the start of the every academic year, an English proficiency exam is held for students who want to study in departments in which the medium of instruction is in English. The proficiency exam determines whether or not students possess the necessary level of English to proceed directly to undergraduate studies. Students who fail to pass the proficiency exam are required to take preparatory English classes a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 2 years.

Students who scored minimum 5.5 from the IELTS examination within the last two years, or an equivalent score from other international English language proficiency examinations will be exempted from the EUL EPS programme. Students who have other international certificates to prove their English language level should contact EUL EPS to get information about their certificates’ equivalence and countenance. Students who have no documents regarding their English language level are required to take the EUL EPS Placement Test. If successful, these students are directly sent to the Faculty for their intended programme of study.

At EPS, language learning is viewed as a developmental, interactive and reflective process. Accordingly, the students’ exposure and the use of the language in class as well as outside class is emphasized at every opportunity. To this end, the courses are designed not only to support students’ language development by means of the provision of on-going feedback and extensive support on their achievement of the learning outcomes but also to foster life-long learning. In this regard, in the course of the students learning experiences at EPS, the students’ own reflection on their progress as well as their planning of their study-time in the light of this reflection together with the support of their teachers is promoted through EPS Portfolio work.

In addition to offering preparatory English courses to undergraduate students, the school provides a valuable service to the growing needs of the university which attaches great importance to foreign languages.

The school provides education in two main categories

  • Preparatory Programmes
  • Compulsory or Mandatory Foreign Languages

Director's Message

Dear Students,

First of all, on behalf of the English Preparatory School of the European University of Lefke, I would like to congratulate you for choosing our University and we are very glad that you will be joining us.

Nowadays, English language is especially important and is a necessity in the field of education and in the wider world. You will be pleased to know that the European University of Lefke English Preparatory School provides English education by preparing an effective and permanent base with a strong and professional teaching staff. At the English Preparatory School, we apply an intense English education-training programme so that you as a student can reach advanced levels in terms of writing, reading, listening and speaking.

The European University of Lefke has always been proud of being a multi-cultural academic environment. The English Preparatory School, on the other hand, has been a source of greater pride, as it has been serving many students from different countries in their first years of university life. We believe that such multi-cultural structure of the English Preparatory School plays an important role in students’ academic, cultural and social development, which would also help them to gain a wider knowledge of the world. One of the biggest advantages of this multi-cultural structure is the fact that students from different countries use the English language to communicate with each other and to socialize, which provides them with an additional language improvement opportunity in addition to the course input they receive.

As members of the teaching staff of the English Preparatory School, we are always on the side of variance, innovation, technology and diversity. With this in mind, we use the newest and effective methods and techniques in English education and try to strengthen them with additional activities inside or outside the classes. In order to manage and provide all this, we always develop our education system in accordance with the feedback we get from our lecturers and we encourage them to attend relevant seminars, courses and conferences within the country or in abroad.

In order to be able to continue your faculty lessons in English with ease when your Preparatory education is completed, we will start off a long educational marathon. In order to achieve a long term success, you need to attend your lessons every day and repeat the things you have already learned. You will go to your faculties with the discipline that you will be gaining at the end of this journey, and you will notice that you will be able to follow your lessons with ease. As soon as you complete your Faculty education successfully, you will be throwing your graduation cap in the air when you receive your European University of Lefke diploma, which will make you feel privileged. On behalf of the teaching staff, I would like to say ‘Welcome’ to the English Preparatory School and to wish you great success during your period of education and training here.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emre Debreli

Director of English Preparatory School

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emre Debreli




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