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School of Physical Education & Sports

European University of Lefke which is rather developing multi-dimensionally and rapidly but in balance, is now have broaden and enriched its academic scope by completing the establishment of the “ Higher-school of Physical Education and Sports” program in 2016-2017 Academic year.

A healthy community is molded with healthy individuals, is a common knowledge. Sports, besides its significance in this sense of vital role, is also effective in country representations. Thus there is a need for educating well-equipped Physical Education and Sports teachers, sports administrators, recreation leaders, sport coaches and scientists in the field of sports.

“Under the light of this reality, European University of Lefke have founded the “Sport Management, Physical Education & Sport Teacher Education, and Sport Coaching Departments” under the School of Physical Education and Sport, thus paving a step ahead in meeting its social responsibility. The aim of the departments are to fulfill as educating sport managers, sport coaches, physical education & sport teachers who are aware of the functional structure of the human organism, managing the biological and psychological effects of the training, developing potential sportive skills of the youth”.

“Sport Management Department” have commenced its academic episode in this current academic year. In the following academic years, the Higher-school of Physical Education and Sports will add new departments to its body in line with physical and academic appropriateness.

“Students graduating from the departments of School of Physical Education & Sport will be able to hold Office both in governmental offices or private sector.”.

Director’s message

Dear students,

In line with its mission, our university has added the Higher-school of Physical Education and Sports into its body initially with the “Sports Management Department” in 2016-2017 Academic Year, later in 2017-2018 Academic Year additionally with the “Physical Education and Sports Teacher Education Department” and “Recreation Department”.

Students who register to the Departments of School shall consider themselves fortunate as they would be able to conduct their sportive activities in an island country; Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, appropriate for sports and within a university which emphasizes special care for sports.

Furthermore the utterance of the Great Atatürk in regards to athletes and sportive activities; “Sports is not only a domination of body’s strength. Intellection and character also contributes to this. Those athletes with lack of intelligence and comprehension, are not able to undermine those with lack of strength but sound in intelligence and comprehension. I do admire those athletes who are intelligent, agile and ethical.” will be illuminating our path towards educating our students.



Prof. Dr. Caner Açıkada


Prof. Dr. Caner Açıkada


Caner Açıkada

Contact Details

Tel: +90 392 660 2000 – 2911

Postal Address: European University of Lefke

Lefke, Northern Cyprus TR-10 Mersin, Turkey

E-mail : besyo@eul.edu.tr

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2018-2019 Fall Term course evaluation surveys will be conducted via Student Information System (OIBS) on 7-31 January.

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