The last concert of 2019 held by Young Talents Production attracted great interest at EUL


The Young Talents Production Youth Symphony Orchestra concert, organized by the Music Club of the European University of Lefke (EUL) affiliated to the Centre of Social and Cultural Activities, was held at the Rauf Raif Denktaş hall.

The classical repertoire and the classical rock style of the concert won the audience’s appreciation

The classical repertoire and the classical rock style of the concert which consisted of 45 young musicians with the leadership of Conductor Ersin Kaşif won the audience’s appreciation

Ayşe Akın who is among the successful soloists of Northern Cyprus, 45 talented young musicians, and Recep Kökraf, Vice President of EUL Music Club, performed in the night.

Çelik: Listening to the quality of classical music from Young Talents really gave us great pleasure

The Presidnet of the EUL Music Club Çağakan Çelik said that “As EUL Music Club, we have been signing many beautiful events and projects for years. We have really talented students among us. One of them, our own vice-president Recep Kökraf, is both very active and very talented. He takes part in the Young Talents Production Symphony Orchestra and plays the cello. It was a great pleasure to host such a beautiful institution in our university”.

Çelik went on to say that “We had our own music concert before the concert and we had pleasant moments with the students” and stated that they aim to continue the concert organizations and different projects in the second term as well.

Kaşif: We gave a concert to a very crowded audience

The Conductor of the orchestra Ersin Kaşif said that “We chose our repertoire, which was mainly dominated by classical works, from the popular works, and the positive responses we received proved that this was true”. “It was very important and proud for us to meet with a very large audience at the European University of Lefke”, he said.