Nutrition & Dietetics


The main purpose of the programme is to provide adequate and balanced nutrition awareness in the health area, food industry and public nutrition which is applied in schools and factories. Our department aims to create qualified staff in all of these fields.

The Nutrition & Dietetics programme offers education to all male, female high school graduates who have earned sufficient points at the Turkish University Entrance Examination required by the department.

The first stage of the programme includes foundation courses on health, nutrition and dietary sciences. The second stages of courses are related to the field of practice. In addition to the theoretical teaching received in classes, students are required to complete internships during the summer as to practice their craft, or to complete separate training periods. They are required to implement what they have learned in classes at hospitals or other health institutions related to their field of study. As a result of this field practice, students acquire the necessary information, ethics, principles and skills to become a nutrition expert or dietician.

All successful graduates earn a degree in Nutrition or Dietetics or the title of Dietician. Successful graduates may also continue their academic studies, graduate or post graduate degrees in health sciences or other social sciences.

A dietician falls into the category of Health Services along with other related professions such as Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing.

In addition to becoming academics, graduates may find job opportunities in nursing homes for the young and elderly, private clinics dealing with mother-infant health, public health as dieticians, instructors or rehabilitation experts. In addition, dieticians may serve as consultants or experts in workplaces, schools or other institutions which offer catering to staff and students.

All graduates may become a member of the Turkish Dieticians Association established in 1969. The Association is a member of the European Dietetics Associations’ Federation.

Work areas;

1. Facilities offering inpatient or outpatient treatment

  • Kidney diseases care units
  • Diabetic Treatment and Care Units
  • Metabolism diseases units
  • Enteral or Parenteral Feeding Support groups
  • Oncology Units
  • Rehabilitation Units
  • Transplant Units
  • Cardiology Units

2. Public Health

  • Family Health Centres
  • Mother-Child Health Centres
  • Weight Loss Centres
  • Media
  • Labourer Health Centres
  • Sports Complexes or Gyms
  • Nursing Homes for the Elderly
  • Child Protection Services
  • School Nutrition Education Programs
  • Food Production and Marketing Services
  • Food Control Laboratories
  • International Institutions Dealing with Nutrition and Dietetics

3. Mass Catering Services

  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Hotels
  • Nursing Homes
  • Food Factories
  • Public Institutions
  • Air Transportation Services
  • Sea Transportation Services
  • Railroad Transportation Services
  • Restaurants
  • Health Institutions



Asst. Prof. Dr. Gülten SOYCAN

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