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Vocational School of Health Services

The EUL’s School of Health Services took a step to academic life in 2014 Academic year by accepting students to the associate degree programmes in health sciences with the aim of training qualified, productive and respectful individuals who can work in the sector.

Students who complete the 2 year programme will find the opportunity to find work right after graduation or will be able to resume their education in medical sciences by transferring to other departments after taking a vertical transfer exam.

The School of Health Services offers 2 year programmes. 

Director’s message

Dear Students,

The European University of Lefke was first established in 1990 with widespread opportunities and rich library in order to provide its students with unlimited resources, EUL is located at GemikonańüńĪ a district bound to Lefke which is famous for its calm, safe and adorable characteristics allowing the embrace of sea and the green landscape in TRNC. We provide contemporary education opportunities to our students with the laboratories equipped with modern devices within the Higher-school of Vocational Health Services of European University of Lefke.

Commencing the Academic year in 2014-2015 with 4 departments under the Higher-school of Vocational Health Sciences only later to expand up to 23 departments in total; Turkish as the medium of instruction with expert academicians who observe and follow the developments in their own professional fields which formed a dynamic higher-education institution as an output.¬† One of our aims is integrating¬†our students who continue their education in the departments¬†that are ¬†bound to our higher-school and whom are¬†kept safe¬†by us on behalf of their families with each other to allow intercultural transactions amongst one another. We also aim that our students develop contemporary community relations, possess national and global values, bound to professional work ethics, and who are effective health professionals in the field. Our students who we recognize as our children are educated within the awareness of ‚ÄúZero Error in Health‚ÄĚ which protects its patients and value human life and who are in hold of efficient medical knowledge.

We hereby thank you all for choosing our university which commenced its academic life a step ahead through its mission and vision, and wish you all the best for the upcoming academic years…
With warmest regards…

Asst. Prof. Dr.¬†Besim √Ėzyel

Asst. Prof. Dr. Besim √Ėzyel



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