Dental Prosthetics Technician (Turkish)


The aim of this program is to educate the dental prosthesis technician in the fields of conducting studies upon the pre-planned treatment of the dentist on moving jaw region or stable teeth and jaw prosthesis to enable the malfunctioning teeth to re-function.

Dental Technicians, as the treatment plan that dentist had planned, prepares the model by the mouth measures which are taken by the dentist, provides the shaping of fixed and removable partial dentures on the prepared model, reproduce with casting method and provides those to be suitable for use by giving it an aesthetic look with leveling and varnish. Dental Technician plays a role in the preparation of fully removable and partial dentures suitable to the mouth measures that had taken while edentulous or half toothed by dentist, tooth setting, wax casting and acrylic processing. Does the repair of cracked and broken denture, prepares the removable orthodontic appliances that the dentist had planned during the applied treatment process. Makes the maintenance and simple repairs of the used tools.

The Dentistry students that are graduated from this program will work as a Dental technicians in dental prosthesis laboratory of State and Private Hospitals. As the graduates can work as dental technicians in the private Dental Prosthesis Laboratory, they also have the rights to operate their own laboratory.

The medium of instruction is Turkish.