Electroneurophysiology (Turkish)


The aim of the program is to educate health technicians who will be able to apply neurophysiologic observations to the patients under intensive care units in neurophysiologic laboratories or operations.

Electro-neurophysiology technician is whom assists the Electro-neurophysiology expert.

The responsibility of Electro-neurophysiology technician is to scan Electroencephalography (EEG), conduct simple nerve transition operation and record brain stem stimulation, and visual analyzing visual stimulation potentials of the patient. Further more the technician also operates the polisomnography unit.

Students who complete the program will be granted the title of “Electro neurophysiology Technician” and associate degree. Electro neurophysiology Technicians can work under the authority and audit of neurology, ear, nose and throat (ENT), psychiatry, pediatric, pulmonology and physiology experts in State or private hospitals or polyclinics in electroencephalography, stimulation potentials and sleeping units.

The medium of instruction is Turkish.