Audiometry (Turkish)


The aim of this program is to educate qualified medical technicians who acknowledges the scientific method on the purpose of the hearing loss and balance disorders in the diagnosis of patients, who also can apply hearing and balance tests, monitor current developments with competence to practice the skills of new technological developments. Students attending this program, apply audiometric hearing test used to measure and two-year theoretical course for the purpose of accurate diagnosis for patients and follows a practical training application of the program.

Students who graduate from the program, will be qualified in ” Health Services Vocational School Graduate Program in audiometry “. Graduates, under the supervision of experts in audiology or ENT specialist, can work in official or private hospitals of Clinical Audiology. May apply tests on balance on the vestibular system, and work in audio-impaired schools and similar institutions. Can apply clinical hearing tests for the newborn babies, hearing screening test in school. They can also work in hearing aid companies.

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