2020-2021 Spring Semester Distance Education Platform Guide


Dear Students,

Welcome to European University of Lefke. As we approach to the beginning of a new semester, we hope you have a healthy and successful semester ahead of you.

Please use the following steps in enabling your accounts and started to follow:

For all new students (registered in 2020 Spring Semester), in order to find out EUL Student Number which starts 201XXXXX, please email to intoffice@eul.edu.tr

1. In order to access your university web mail: (ONLY FOR NEWLY REGISTERED STUDENTS)


2. In order to access the student information system (oibs):

  • You can access the web page: http://oibs.eul.edu.tr
  • Username: Your Student Identification Number, Password: Your Passport Number
  • Select Course on the top bar
  • Select Reports on the left hand side of the menu
  • Select Student Curriculum List to see your curriculum. The courses which are marked with (*) indicate the courses you are taking this semester.
  • For further assistance in terms of academic issues, please find your academic advisor’s name-surname and email details on the upper left corner of your curriculum list.
  • If you encounter a problem please send an e-mail to oibs201@eul.edu.tr detailing your problem.


3. In order to attend your lectures and follow your courses online you can use the Distance Education Platform.

  • In order to access the distance education, access the web page : https://moodle.eul.edu.tr
  • You can find the necessary information about our university Moodle system, you can use the document: EUL_Distance_Education_Guide.
  • You should also access to your Microsoft 365 account in order to follow live lectures.
  • If you encounter a problem please send an e-mail to moodle201@eul.edu.tr detailing your problem.

4.  In order to access your Microsoft 365 account:

You need to use your Microsoft 365 account to follow your lectures live.

  • Your Microsoft 365 account, your user name and password was sent to your university web mail account.
  • You can use about how to use Microsoft 365 in the document where the link is available: Microsoft_365_User_Guide.
  • If you encounter a problem please send an e-mail to helpdesk201@eul.edu.tr detailing your problem.
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