Economics is the science dealing with the distribution of scarce resources, and the production and distribution of goods and services to maximize the prosperity of society. The science of Economics is divided into two areas, Microeconomic Theory and Macroeconomic Theory. Microeconomic Theory focuses on the consumers, producers and the economic analysis of units. On the other hand Macroeconomic Theory looks at economy through the bigger picture, focusing on issues such as unemployment, inflation, economic growth, national income and the balance of payments. The Department of Economics offers various courses that focus on both areas. The aim of the Economics undergraduate programme is firstly, to provide a fundamental understanding of the skills and techniques essential in a competitive and global economic environment, and secondly, to enhance the student’s ability to critically appraise research material whilst at the same time developing his or her power of analytical research.

The students graduating from the programme are well prepared not only for careers in the economic sphere and related areas, but are also provided an academic environment which provides a platform to specialise in the fields of management, economics industries, public sector and academic employment.



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