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Bankacılık ve Finans

The Undergraduate programme in Finance & Banking offers a broad based and professionally-oriented BA programme.

The 4 year degree programme requires the completion of 44 courses equivalent to 130 credit hours. The first half of the programme is designed to introduce students to accounting, business management, business law, computer information, and concepts related to economy and basic statistics. Students studying at the Department of Banking and Finance then build on that foundation by taking courses on business finance, banking management, international banking and finance, international economy, advanced accounting and economics, econometrics and research methods. Students are allowed to choose 8 elective courses in the final 2 years of the programme, expanding their knowledge further. In general, the undergraduate programme in Financing and Banking develops an understanding of the basic theories and tools of financial management, incorporating an awareness of their application in a modern business environment.

The students graduating from the programme are well prepared for professions in the banking and finance sector and will also master management skills for the industrial and public sector. Graduates can continue their academic studies in Banking and Finance or in Business related fields.

The economic and financial reflections of the recent global financial crisis have led to stricter financial controls all over the world. Within this context, more emphasis is being made on risk based auditing. All these developments have raised the demand for well-educated and virtuous administrators, where the Department of Banking and Finance graduates meets those demands and needs.



Prof. Dr. Derviş KIRIKKALELİ

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