Information Security Technology


The security problem that arises with the increasing use of the internet as a result of the rapid development and spread of information technologies has become a normal and indispensable part of life on public, private and personal scale. With the internet becoming a part of our social and economic life, it has enabled the use of new concepts such as cloud transactions and the companies to make information and communication issues using these networks. In order to ensure information security, institutions and countries have developed and implemented standards, policies and strategies to get protected against information security threats. The aim of the Information Security Technology Undergraduate Program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to take an innovative role in the research and development of new technologies and experience by working on information systems security, cryptology, network security, and database security.

Our graduates will receive the title of IT Security Specialist. Our students who graduated from the Information Security Technology program will be able to provide internet and e-mail services, have a multi-user computer system, have a computer network, do electronic commerce, do distance education, etc. in organizations, as well as work as a system security specialist, IT specialist, system support specialist, system and network consultant and internet programmer.