Management Information Systems


The Department of Management Information Systems is a 4 year undergraduate programme under the umbrella of the School of Applied Sciences. The department offers students an academic education as to how they will apply information technologies and systems in management information systems. Management
Information Systems are seen to play a vital role in decision making, collecting, analyzing, presenting and storing information. The department offers an advanced education programme that remains committed to the fundamental elements of the Department of Computer Engineering and the Department of Business Management. The course in the programme focuses mainly on information systems and technology management, system analysis and its implementation, computer networks and database management and computer software and hardware. In addition to subject related courses, students receive courses on management, marketing, finance, economy, and other basic business studies related subjects.

Graduates will receive a BA degree after completing a 133 hour credit requirement which spans over 8 semesters. Students are required to have a minimum 2 CGPA out of 4 in order to be able to graduate. All graduates will be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills regarding management information systems can find employment in public and private establishments, information technology centres, system analysis and development units of various businesses or firms, technical project development departments,  consultancy agencies and computer software or hardware companies. The medium of instruction is English .

MIS Educational Objectives

Students who graduate from EUL’s MIS department are expected to :

EO1: Be capable of practicing information technology (IT) and successfully participate in both national and international organisations within the field of IT in a professional manner.

EO2: Participate successfully in research and development areas in national and international universities industry.

EO3: Become entrepreneurs and/or acquire leadership skills (project management, team leadership, company directorship and/or management) in the areas of computing, software, information systems and the IT industry.

EO4: Take part in the projects of various fields, working as part of a team or independently.


MIS Programme Outcomes

The Programme Outcomes for the MIS Department at the European University of Lefke are listed below.  Students graduating from the programme should :

PO1: Have effective verbal and written communication skills in the field of Information Technology (IT).

PO2: Have the scientific foundations necessary for managing and maintaining information systems; in particular, an ability to apply knowledge of computing, logic and mathematics where necessary when solving problems.

PO3: Have the ability to identify, analyse, make decisions, apply strategies and implement solutions in complex management related problems.

PO4: Have the fundamental knowledge regarding technical concepts and practices in IT when working with key information systems, such as operating systems, database systems, communication systems and networks.

PO5: Have an acute awareness of the need for continued professional development with a view to life-long learning; conduct research where necessary, apply modern techniques while following developments in the Informatics industry.

PO6: Have an awareness of current-day problems, and an understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues.

PO7: Be able to work and manage in interdisciplinary research and development projects as an individual and/or as a member of a team, and be equipped with the theoretical background to pursue graduate level studies.

Our programme’s education quality is accredited by internationally recognized quality institution ASIIN.



Asst. Prof. Dr. Ersin ÇAĞLAR

Contact Details

Tel: +90 392 660 2000 – 2821

Fax: +90 392 660 2603

Postal Address: European University of Lefke

Lefke , Northern Cyprus TR-10 Mersin, Turkey



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