Our nursing department aims to raise professional nurses to work in the health sector, capable of assessing and planning the nursing needs of patients and providing nursing services at international standards. Moreover, the programme aims to train nurses who can effectively assist as part of a medical team or provide professional training services in the field in line with the ethical principles of the profession.

The nursing programme offers education to all male, female high school graduates who have scored sufficient points at the Turkish University Entrance Examination required by the department.

The first stage of the programme involves foundation courses in basic health and medicine. The second stage of the programme directly involves applied and practical courses. The programme gains students the necessary information, ethics, knowledge and skills required to become a nurse.

Graduates will get a degree in nursing and will officially become nurses. Successful students and graduates may continue with their academic studies in nursing or other health science fields by applying to graduate and post graduate programmes.

In addition to an academic career, graduates may find employment inpatient or outpatient institutions, day care or nursing homes, mother-infant health centres, community health centres, weight loss centres, in sports complexes or gyms, child social services homes, schools, nursery schools, hotels, elderly homes, public sector institutions, transportation services and other health institutions.




Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maral KARGIN

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